Marc Jansen

There is always an excuse to cycle!

Marc Jansen

Con la Buccia Pedali attraverso le montagne

Header photo - Italy blog Marc Jansen

With the peeltrappers through the mountains 30 January 2021, the app-group Stelvio e.o. 2021 was created and it immediately went wild; who has how much air, who is going to hang in who's wheel and with which spoon you are going to lie. It promises to be a top long weekend. The only thing left to put sand in the ...

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Cyclists, wind and (wo)manners

Wind is a natural air movement in the atmosphere. It is caused by horizontal air pressure differences, the force and direction of which are influenced by the earth's rotation and possibly friction with the earth's surface. The wind can vary greatly in speed. When the wind picks up quickly and for a short time, it is called a gust or a gust. The wind speed is expressed ...

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