Training for hours or practising sport requires an ideal balance of forces. An incorrect cycling position can lead to long-term pain and even injury. Whether it is a 'dead' feeling in your feet, tingling fingers, pain in the shoulder blades, knee or lower back; most complaints can be traced back to an incorrect position on the bike. All kinds of complaints or wear and tear of joints can be prevented or solved with a Bikefit.

Cycling is a simple, symmetrical movement that takes place on a symmetrical bicycle. However, in many cases, the human body is not symmetrical. This can be both in the length of body parts and in their mobility. Performance, but also comfort are very important. During a Bikefitting, we look at this and ultimately determine what is best for you. A correct measurement can prevent injuries and improve performance. The ultimate goal is to optimise your cycling position in order to cycle as comfortably and, if desired, as sportily as possible in a responsible manner.

become one with your bike!

CycleXperience's vision is that pleasure in cycling starts above all with correctly adjusting the bicycle to suit your body. Whether you are buying your first bike or are already an experienced cyclist, sitting on your bike without complaints is important for everyone. That is why, when you purchase a new bicycle, we always offer a free bikefit to adjust the bike perfectly to your body.

But we also offer this bikefit service if you have not bought a bike from us. At cycleXperience, we use only the best equipment and materials. That is why we use the RETUL Vantage Fit system for our dynamic bikefits.

pre-fit: bikefitting before your bike purchase

We also have the option of using the Retul Muve SL fitting bike to choose the right frame size. With this fitting bike, we can adjust the geometry of all brands of bikes in no time, allowing us to immediately determine whether the geometry of the bike is suitable for your body and which components go with it. Want to be sure of the right size bike before you buy one? Then a pre-fit might be something for you.


All our bikefits come with a guarantee and aftercare. If, despite expert and careful adjustment, you do not like the position or the saddle? Then we will do a re-scan free of charge and if necessary we will change your saddle and make some minor adjustments to the position.

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