Since a few weeks we can call ourselves officially Classified Dealer!

Classified's powershift technology is integrated into their world-class carbon wheel sets, ready to fit your bike too!

At Classified they wondered whether there was an alternative to the front derailleur that offered the same functionality while doing away with the disadvantages. After seven years of development, Classified introduces Powershift technology: a wireless 2-speed shifting system, integrated into the rear hub, which allows you to change gears in a split second under full load and on any terrain. The three different wheel sets are available for road and gravel bikes. But stay tuned, soon there will also be a wheel set for MTB on the market!

We have already built a super cool Tarmac SL7 for a customer with the Classified R50 wheelset with Powershift technology! Are you curious too? Come and visit us in our shop!

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