On Friday 15 October, together with Maik van der Heijden, I had the opportunity to give another great clinic for my former sponsor Destil BV. The clinic was organised on and around the track of GP Destil in Oisterwijk. Luckily the weather gods were kind to us this time and we could make the track unsafe while enjoying some sunshine.


A total of 30 fanatical mountain bikers had been invited, whom we were allowed to teach some skills. After some small technical exercises and an introductory round on the bike, we divided the track into sections and started practising the most difficult obstacles. It soon became clear that it looks a lot easier on television than it actually is. The participants really enjoyed the fact that they could ride on the track where the pros show how it is done on Sunday.

The sloping side

After a few repetitions (and I showed it again 😉 ), most of them managed to do the difficult slant side passage without any mistakes. Even though some of them had to try a bit more than others .... To finish off, we had a full round of competition and everyone had a good time. Oh, yes, the men still bit the dust - I haven't quite forgotten yet 🙂 .

Although for some it might still take a bit of practice 😉 😉 I'm not sure about the quality of the work.

Soil survey

successful day

After the clinic, a delicious and well-deserved buffet was ready, arranged as always by Destil. Judging by the faces and reactions afterwards, everyone had a great time. We also found them to be an enthusiastic and fanatical group and had a great day!

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