Single track sunday

25 September 2022

Would you like to discover the Ardennes under supervision, push back your physical and technical limits and at the same time enjoy the beautiful tracks and trials that the Ardennes have to offer? Then we have a unique arrangement for you at a location where you can test yourself and your equipment to the limit!

We have again chosen La Gleize as starting location, this beautiful Ardennes village is situated between the more famous places Coo and Stoumont. It is located in the Roanne valley and offers beautiful views and very cool single tracks and flowy trails.


9.00 a.m.            Reception with coffee, tea, chocolate milk and cake
9.30 a.m.            Start of the tour | Challenging mountain bike tour with break along the way
16.00 hours            End of the tour | Possibility to shower
16.30            Closure with a delicious Italian buffet and cosy aftertalk


On Sunday morning, 25 September, you are expected at La Gleize at 9 am. After a welcome with coffee/tea and cake, it's time for action.

We divide the groups according to your level and each group goes on the road with a guide, the distance is approximately 45-70 km. We have set out 3 loops around La Gleize so you can shorten or lengthen the route if you wish. The whole route is within a radius of 15-20km around La Gleize so we are never far from the start location.

Along the way, a break is provided with sports drinks and energy bars to replenish the energy. Technical assistance will also be available in case of emergencies.

Afterwards, an extensive Italian buffet including sparkling and/or still water will be ready to replenish the calories and quench the thirst.


The costs for this package are €80,- per person.

Including: - professional guidance
                     - reception with coffee/tea and cake
                     - Break area with sports drinks and energy bars
                     - technical support

                      - horrifically brutal route 😉 😉
                     - buffet after the event

Not included: - transport to/from destination
                      - other refreshments
                      - travel and cancellation insurance



All you need to bring is a good physical condition, a good mood and a bike in good shape. Come and enjoy nature and discover the Ardennes!


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