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On 20 November next, we are organising a super cool NightRide! In cooperation with holiday park Sandberghe in Uden, we have organized a fun night and we would love it if you were there!

Have you always wanted to go on a cool ride in the dark? On 20 November we will go on a guided mountain bike ride in different groups in the dark. So make sure you have good lighting, so we don't have to hurt the trees 😉 .

The money we raise will again be donated to charity. This time, we would like to put the initiative with you to choose a nice local charity! Do you know a charity that could use some extra support? Let us know when you register.

The programme:
19.00 - Reception at Horeca de Huyskamer on Sandberghe
19.30 - Departure of last group for a cool ride in the dark
21.00 - Back at the Huyskamer, where there is the opportunity to have a nice chat over a drink!

We will make sure that coffee and tea will be available at the reception. The supplier Maxim has also made it possible for everyone to fill a water bottle with delicious sports drinks for the road before the ride! When everyone is ready we will go into the woods in different small groups, the guides will have the route. After the ride we can go to the Huyskamer to have a nice chat while enjoying a drink.

Would you like to join us? Be quick because we have a limited number of places! You can subscribe by ordering the article below. When ordering, choose 'Pick up in the shop in Uden', so you don't pay unnecessary shipping costs!

Until 20 November!

Practical information:
The reception takes place on holiday park Sandberghe. You can enter the holiday park through the barrier, and the Huyskamer is located on the right-hand side near the playground. Please note: This is not gasterij de Pier on the road side

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