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At cycleXperience, we think it's important that you walk out the door with a smile. Not only when you pick up your new Specialized bike, but also afterwards when you drop by for maintenance or advice on your new helmet or shoes.

We know from experience how important it is that you and your new bike are well matched and that you want to be able to count on your equipment. And that's why we like to take the time to put you on your new bike properly.

Buying a bicycle from cycleXperience means that you will not only go home with a technically advanced product, but also that your bicycle will be perfectly adjusted to your body. To achieve this, we go through the following steps together:

Step 1: Your wishes

Whether you want a road bike, a sports hybrid or perhaps a mountain bike, we will discuss your specific wishes and goals with you. We will discuss your specific wishes and goals with you, so that your new bike will be ready and waiting for you with all the trimmings.

Step 2: Measurement

Every body is different, so it is very important that your new bike fits your body. Together we will determine which bike and frame size is best for your use and body. If there are any doubts about the frame size, we ask you to come in your cycling outfit and we will measure you on a bike from our showroom or on our Retül fitting bike. We can adjust this bike exactly to the size of your final bike and with this we can determine the perfect seat.

Step 3: Bike fit / Delivery

On the day you pick up your new acquisition, we take the time to adjust the bike to your body. We do this by means of a bikefit, in which we look at the following aspects, among others:

  • Foot analysis: We examine your feet and foot position to determine the ideal position of the cleats
  • Shoe advice: If the quality/fitting of your shoe leaves something to be desired, we advise you to buy the right shoe.
  • Digital seat bone measurement: Determine saddle type depending on seat bone distance and pelvic tilt
  • Musculoskeletal analysis We check your limberness and flexibility to determine your stack and reach
  • Data capture: we note all measurements in our system for possible future adjustments or for a 2e bicycle
Step 4: Service and advice

Once you are sitting comfortably on your bike, you can of course continue to count on our service and experience. If, despite the careful bikefitting, you still have some complaints, we offer a free re-scan. If it turns out that a different saddle or stem would suit you better, we will of course exchange it for free!

After purchasing the bicycle, you will also receive a digital service card that will send you an annual notification by e-mail for service, which guarantees the lifetime warranty on your frame.

And for the rest, you can always count on the support and skills of our bicycle technicians, as well as the friendly smile of our support department and, of course, the best coffee in Uden!

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